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Thankfully, writing assignments need not be long in order to be effective. Summaries are an easy way to incorporate writing into any subject. They are a valuable way to challenge students to concisely identify the main details, themes, or arguments in a piece of writing. The longer the reading assignment, the more demanding the process of writing a cogent summary.

Teach students how to engage the text in a conscientious manner, reading the material while noting its most important elements. I periodically ask my students to write a word summary on a textbook chapter, an exercise that many of them find exceedingly difficult at first. Share the best work with the class, underscoring the components of particularly effective summaries. When students hear the summaries of others, they develop a greater understanding of how to construct their own.

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Part of our jobs as teachers involves giving students the tools to continue learning new information on their own, as well as equipping them with the desire and skills to challenge their own biases. All of this involves teaching young people how to craft incisive questions. Review with students the importance of questioning, and introduce to them different question-writing techniques, pausing before calling on a particular student to encourage every student to think about the answer. Have students write a single-sentence question in response to a piece of nonfiction or fiction writing.

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Each student should have a piece of writing—a question and an answer—that is roughly two sentences in length for teachers to review. Five things I would do if I had more money are What is your favorite sport and why? What would you do if you could change the world? Dear teacher, I would like to know Dear President Washington, what was it like to be the first president? My happiest day was My saddest day was If I had three wishes, I would wish for Describe your best friend, how you met, and why you are friends.

Describe your favorite animal and why. Three things I like to do with my pet elephant are The time a bat was in my house When I become an adult, the first thing I want to do is My best vacation was when I went to The top three reasons that people argue are Describe five reasons that going to school is important. What is your favorite television show and why?

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The time I found a dinosaur in my backyard Describe the best present you ever received. Describe your most unusual talent. My most embarrassing moment was when Describe your favorite food and why. Describe your least favorite food and why. If you no longer have access to the email address associated with your account, contact Customer Service for help restoring access to your account.

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Sub Plans for Third Grade. Lesson plan.

Planning for a substitute in the classroom has never been easier than with this third grade, week-long sub packet! Your substitute can supercharge learning with lessons about how we are all connected that will educate and inspire students! Sub Plans for First Grade.

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Get ready to learn all about animals! In this week, students will learn about animals that live in different habitats.

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Amazing Animals Adaptations! Students put their knowledge of animal adaptations to the test when they create a new creature with its own unique set of adaptations! My Perfect Pet. In this lesson, your students will go through the writing process to write about their perfect pets and then make a 3-D version of this pet, mount the final draft, and display it. Object Creative Writing. This writing lesson allows young authors to take random objects on exciting adventures.

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Students will enjoy telling stories from their objects' points of views, from exposition to resolution. Write Your Own Ending. Students will read a fun story and then write their own ending. Calling All Characters! Come one, come all! In this lesson, reading and writing are intertwined as students determine a character's traits from the character's actions.

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  5. Reading extends into creative writing as students imagine what a character might do next. Immigration: Ellis Island. This is a lesson about the immigration procedures at Ellis Island.

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