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The editingindia Editing Method was developed after studying the reasons for the rejection of Indian research by international journals. The errors made by Indian scholars are unique, but we have studied them and can decode them. We continue to improve our method through feedback from researchers from universities and research institutes across India from our speeches and workshops and through editing over 10, papers.

The editingindia Editing Method focuses only on research and only on Indian English. We interact with the author though comments in his paper.

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This valuable ongoing feedback allows us to constantly improve our editing method through ongoing interaction with Indian academics. We use an academic editor with knowledge of a domain style guide and with expertise in decoding Indian English.

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Our method does more than correct English. We offer clearer alternative word choice suggestions, rewrite when necessary, and provide educational comments to engage the author in the process by commenting on unclear passages, improve flow, and in some cases explain the reasons for our changes. Some comments may encourage the author to change a sentence which was unclear and return the paper again for a quick re-edit at no charge. Our senior editing team has a combined experience of 10 years in revising papers for publication. We have slowly added to our original team, by recruiting editors with graduate degrees from a variety of domains.

They follow our in-house editing style guides, domain-specific style guides and peer review feedback from our senior editors. They also must pass editing tests as well as an interview.

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We then train them and continue a rigorous peer review process to maintain our standards and quality. The editingindia Editing Method uses English editing style guides, domain manuals, lists of English errors and editor peer review. Our editing team maintains style manuals on general academic editing techniques, academic domain manuals, which are constantly updated with the changing conventions of each domain and are given to our domain specific editors.

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We also maintain lists of common Indian writing errors in over 50 categories with their corrections as an ongoing reference for our team. After completion, every paper receives a certificate of English editing to include with your submission to a journal. Our friendly customer service team is available to answer your questions or deliver your questions to our editing team 5 days a week from am — pm. We have a non-disclosure agreement with you and with our editors for the security of your research.

We can ensure the safety of your documents through non-disclosure agreements with you and with our editors. We expect you will be delighted with our service as well. We are a local Mumbai company.

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We found uniformity in the different proofread documents of the same project. Read More Constructive comments and grammar correction by the proofreaders helped us improve the quality of our documents. We highly appreciate how at EditingIndia.

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They also willingly took our feedback. What pleased us the most is that the integrity and personality of our work was not sacrificed at any stage of proofreading. For their quick response time and excellent quality delivered at a nominal price, we would definitely and confidently recommend EditingIndia. Thank you EditingIndia. It has been a joy working with you guys.

We also offer manuscript proofreading and editing services for authors so that standard of publications becomes raised. For further clarity read more about our proofreading and editing services. As you know, English is used as native language now a days. This language is said to be as foundation…. As you know, huge amount of academic graduate and Post Graduate study in university and colleges. During their academic studies,….

The standards of publications are raised…. Increase Your Chance of Publication in International Journals As you know, India is a developing country with huge advancement in education standards. Editing Services As you know, English is used as native language now a days.

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  • This language is said to be as foundation… Read More. Proofreading As you know, huge amount of academic graduate and Post Graduate study in university and colleges. During their academic studies,… Read More.